Auto Glass Claims

Have a chip in your windshield that was caused by a pesky rock? If you carry Comprehensive coverage, then you are covered for the damage.

In many cases, if the damaged glass can be repaired rather than replaced, your Comprehensive deductible will not apply. If the glass must be replaced, the representative who processes your glass claim will confirm whether there is a deductible that will apply and, if so, the amount.

If you have only glass damage to your vehicle that is  not the result of an accident, please contact us at 800.227.2757  and follow the menu prompts to our glass claim reporting line. The person you speak with will set up a new claim, verify the coverage on your policy, and then have a glass repair company reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

If you already had the damaged glass repaired or replaced, you can submit an invoice to us for reimbursement based on your policy coverage.

You must first set up a new claim through our MyAccount self-service portal  or by calling us at 800.227.2757  and following the menu prompts to reach the Claims Department. Please do not select the menu option for windshield damage.

Once your report the loss, we will set up a claim and you can submit your invoice to us for processing. Whichever way you choose to report the claim, you will be given instructions on how to submit your invoice to us. 

Additional calibration will sometimes be needed after your windshield has been replaced. If this happens, please contact us at 800.227.2757  to submit your invoice for reimbursement based on your policy coverage. 

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