Employees checking out employee discounts in their auto, home, condo and renters insurance program.


Good employees deserve better-than-average-insurance



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Good employees deserve better-than-average-insurance


One employee insurance program - many advantages


Enjoy the benefits of a personal insurance program created for employees. Get discounts on car and home insurance and award-winning customer service through the employee insurance program.1


Get great employee discounts on car, home, condo, and renters insurance.Program discounts

Employees receive discounts on their auto and home insurance.2



Save up to 10% on your car insurance just for enrolling in the Great Driver program.The Great Driver™ smartphone app

Use this free app to analyze your driving patterns, earn a score, and get personalized tips on how to improve your behind-the-wheel skills. A 5-10% discount for enrolling in the Great Driver car insurance program is available in several states.3



Our physical damage auto claim service is so good we've even trademarked it.Signature Claim Service Guarantee™

Our claim service is so good that we guarantee it. Make a claim for damage to your vehicle and get the prompt, courteous service you deserve, or we’ll send you $100.4



We'll replace your qualifying new vehicle if it's totaled without apply depreciation.Automatic new car replacement

If your new vehicle is stolen or totaled, we’ll pay the full replacement cost of a similar new vehicle – no depreciation applied.4



Repair shops are authorized to use Original Equipment Manufacturer's parts for eligible vehicles.Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

We authorize your repair shop to use OEM parts for vehicles under two years of age or with fewer than 24,000 miles on the odometer.4



Our exceptional claim service helps you get a check quickly if your vehicle is totaled and extends your rental coverage on your policy.Total care for totaled vehicles

 Get a fast check for your totaled vehicle and extra time added to your rental coverage, so you have time to shop for a replacement vehicle.4



24/7/365 emergency roadside assistance services are standard when you add Towing & Labor coverage to your vehicleEmergency roadside assistance

Towing & Labor coverage comes with the added security of unlimited roadside assistance service. You and anyone using your car with your permission will get lockout services, flat tire changes, jump-starts, towing, winching, and emergency fuel and fluid delivery when and where you need them.5



We help you insure your motorcycle, boat, camper, RV, ATVs and moreCoverage for motorcycles, watercraft, RVs, and more

On-road and off-road, on the water and on land, we’ll get you covered. Find out more about coverage for sport vehicles, events, vacation homes, and more.



Employees save money on car insurance and home insurance with the employee insurance program.

Discounts & Credits¹

  • Employee auto and home insurance discounts
  • New car insurance customer discount
  • Annual and semi-annual payment plan discounts
  • Multi-policy discounts that apply to both your car and home insurance
  • Electric/hybrid vehicle discount
  • New home buyer and newer home discounts
  • Additional credits and discounts are available for safety devices, safe driver status, good students, and more.


Risk Coach helping an employee with car and home insurance.

Free Risk Coaching for All Employees

We help all your company’s employees – even if you don’t have a policy with us. We take the Risk Coach™ approach to helping you with your insurance. Our licensed professionals review your coverage to help you understand what you need so you aren’t over- or underinsured.4

Get a free quote, and you’ll see that an Electric Insurance policy includes employee discounts and excellent coverage. Of course, our award-winning claim service backs up every policy we write.

With our credit rating of “A” from A.M. Best, you know you’ll be in good hands.

Call 866.276.3939  Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., to set up your free Risk Coach coverage review.

1 American Business AwardSM

2 Product, service, program, and discount availability and limits vary by state. The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not a full explanation of products, services, or coverage. For more information, please contact Electric Insurance Company at 800.227.2757. If there are discrepancies between the information on this site and the policy, the terms in the policy apply.

3. The Great Driver™ smartphone app is a Risk Coach™ service from Electric Insurance Company. The Great Driver app Self Challenge is available free of charge to all employees. Great Driver program auto policies are currently available in in CT, IL, OH, TX, and WI. Participation is optional. Eligibility, qualifications, and availability may be modified or changed at any time.

4 Terms and conditions apply.

5. Emergency roadside assistance services are provided by Quest Towing Services, LLC.SM

6. Electric Insurance Company Risk Coach™ professionals help you assess your current coverages and exposure to risk based on the information you provide during your discussion. The services provided are for informational purposes only and do not create a professional or fiduciary relationship. Incomplete information or a change in your circumstances after your meeting may affect coverage requirements or recommendations.