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The Great Driver App

Get 5% - 10% off your auto policy with an enrollment discount.

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When it comes to driving habits, “good” is fine. “Great” is better. Use the Great Driver smartphone app with your new Electric Insurance Company auto policy and from 5% to 10% off , a privacy-protected, objective analysis of your driving habits and environment, and customized tips to hone your skills. Drivers who earn a good score after using Great Driver for 100 days can get a good renewal discount. Drivers with great scores can get a great discount.

Driving Feedback App

See how Great Driver works

Great Driver App

How It Works

Great Driver is simple to download and activate.

See how Great Driver works to make you a better, safer driver

Know & Go

Get free, actionable feedback on how to up your driving game and save wear and tear on your vehicle.

Great Driver App Discounts

Start saving

Save up to 10% just for enrolling 
Save up to 20% when your policy renews.

Great Driver Data Security

Six things Great Driver doesn't do

  • It won't adversely impact your standard rates.
  • It won't cancel your policy based on your score.
  • It won't penalize you for speeding.
  • It won't penalize you for using your phone.
  • It won't report your driving habits to the police or your employer.
  • It won't ask you to install a device on your car – or mail it back.
electric insurance company app download insurance app
The Great Driver smartphone app is a Risk Coach service from Electric Insurance Company®
Participation in the Great Driver program is optional. Eligibility, qualifications and availability may be modified or changed at any time.
Auto policies are underwritten by Electric Insurance Company.
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