Do I really need flood insurance?

It is very likely that you do.

Whether the location is categorized as being at “high risk” or “low-to-moderate risk,” everyone in the United States lives in a flood zone. Still skeptical? Use this free tool from FEMA to find your property’s flood zone classification.

Keep in mind that “low risk” does not mean “no risk.” About twenty-five percent of reported flood losses are from low-to-moderate risk areas. In high-risk flood zones, the probability of a flood is high enough that mortgage companies require their clients to carry flood insurance.

Standard house, condo, and renters insurance do not cover damaged caused by flooding.  In general, only a flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program protects your home and property from loss caused rising water, mudflow, overflow of inland or tidal waters, and local/or drainage problems.

Electric Insurance can help you secure flood insurance. Learn more about how flood insurance works and what your coverage options are.

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