How can I help my homeowners claim be processed quickly?

How we assess damage or loss to your home

One of the effective ways to help us process your claim for damage quickly is to send us photos of the damage by email at

Once we receive your photos, one of our licensed in-house adjusters will review the photos and prepare an initial repair estimate based on the damages shown in the photos.

The initial estimate can generally be written the same day we receive the photos or the following business day. Our estimating software determines the cost of repairs based on pricing data that considers property location and date of loss ensure our pricing is fair in your local market.

If you already have an estimate from a contractor, we can work with the company directly to come to an agreed scope and price for the repairs. Depending on the circumstances of your loss, an independent adjuster, or other similar expert, may be assigned to inspect your home and generate an estimate on our behalf. However the estimate is generated, it will generally be for only the visible damage.

In the event your preferred contractor finds additional damages that were not included in the initial estimate or does not agree with the pricing of our estimate, we will work with the company to address the additional damages and/or costs.

Please notify our office of any increased cost or additional damages before starting that work so we may make sure they are covered and Electric Insurance agrees to the additional cost of the repair.

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