What do you need to process my homeowners claim?

If you suffer any loss or damage to your home, you should contact us to file a claim as soon as it is safe to do so, either by filing the claim online or via the telephone. Not reporting a loss in a timely fashion could potentially affect whether coverage will apply for the loss.

You will be asked to provide detailed information about the loss, such as the parties involved, the date of the loss, the cause of the loss, and the damage you are claiming in order to establish a claim. Once the claim has been established, a licensed adjuster will be assigned to investigate your claim and review the policy to verify whether/what coverage applies.

A written repair estimate for the damages will be needed. It can be written by one of our licensed claim adjusters based on photos and information you provide, or we may have an independent adjuster assigned to inspect the damages in person. Depending on the circumstances of your loss, the adjuster handling the claim may also request an estimate from your contractor.

Tips for expediting the process

  • Have as much information available as possible regarding the loss when you report the claim.
  • If you are a condo owner, please make a copy of your association’s bylaws available to us.
  • If you are a renter or a landlord, please make a copy of your lease agreement available to us.

If you are reporting the claim online, a licensed adjuster will follow up with you to gather any missing information not included in the initial report.

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