Report a liability claim against you

Liability claims occur when an individual alleges you are responsible for damage to property or injury to another person. 

Most standard insurance policies include liability coverage based on the type of policy. For example, an auto policy includes liability coverage for damage to another party’s vehicle and for bodily injury to another party should the policyholder be found at fault for an auto accident.

A homeowners’ policy provides coverage should you be legally liable for damages or injuries you cause.

If another person seeks compensation from you for something they believe you are legally liable for, you should contact us and speak with a licensed adjuster who can assist you in filing a claim.

A PEL (Personal Excess Liability) policy or PUP (Personal Umbrella Policy) with Electric Insurance is a valuable part of your personal insurance plan and provides financial protection against large losses for which you are held legally liable. It is “excess” coverage, meaning it is additional to the liability coverage of the underlying auto, boat, or home policy.

Typically, the underlying policy’s limit must be exhausted before the excess liability coverage of PEL or PUP policy would provide coverage. Once the claim is reported, a licensed adjuster will be assigned to your claim to investigate the loss and coverage.

A PEL policy or PUP  typically covers the judgment or settlement amount for which an insured is legally liable, up to the policy limit. It also includes some additional coverage, including:

  • Defense coverage per policy terms and conditions, even if the suit against the insured is groundless or false
  • Costs associated with litigation
  • Premium on bonds required in a suit the company defends
  • Reasonable expenses incurred by an insured at our request, including loss of earnings up to $250 a day
  • Any interest that accrues on the judgment prior to final adjudication

If you have a PEL or PUP policy and have a claim where your underlying auto or home coverage liability limits will potentially be insufficient to meet the settlement or judgment, you should:

  • Notify your primary (your auto, boat, home) insurance carrier if it is not Electric Insurance Company) if you have not already done so.
  • Notify Electric Insurance of the claim against you.
  • If another party has served you a civil complaint or other legal proceeding alleging damages, make a copy of the lawsuit papers and immediately send a copy of the documents to your primary insurance carrier and to us.
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