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We’re all looking for ways to cut our expenses and increase our savings. Here are two ways you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your Electric Insurance Company auto insurance premium.

Under age 21 drivers – how to cut your auto insurance premium

Adding an inexperienced young driver to your policy can almost double your premiums. That’s because teen drivers are in more accidents than any other age group. Fortunately, most of those accidents are preventable – especially if a young driver completes a driver’s ed course.

Need convincing? A study by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that young drivers who don’t take a driver’s education course are 75% more likely to be ticketed for traffic violations and 24% more likely to be involved in an accident with injuries or fatalities than their peers who completed a course.

Keep in mind that fines for traffic tickets can be expensive. Since both tickets and at-fault accidents usually result in a surcharge on your policy, the minor investment in a driver’s ed course could pay for itself just by reducing the likelihood of fines and surcharges.

The real savings: policy credits

While the most important benefit of a driver’s education course is increased safety, there’s another key benefit: premium credits.

Electric Insurance offers credits (which can mean up to $125 off your rate) if a driver on your policy who is under age 21 completes a driver training course.* If you have a young driver on your policy who has finished a driver’s education class, make sure to let us know so we can apply the credit to your policy. If you have a teen who is about to get a driver’s license, make sure they take a driver’s training course. Not only will you reduce your insurance rate, you’ll also greatly reduce their likelihood of tickets and accidents.

Savings for mature drivers, too.

Experienced drivers can save up to 15% on their Electric Insurance auto premiums for completing a state-approved Defensive Driver or Accident Prevention course. Most online courses cost $20 – $40, which is a small investment for a potential savings of more than $157. Since the discount applies for two policy terms, you could save as much as $314 over two years.

The accident prevention course discount is not available in all states, and states have different eligibility guidelines for the qualifying age of the driver. Some allow drivers as young as age 55, while others require discounts to be applied for drivers age 60 and over. Call us at 800.342.5342 to see whether the discount is available in your state and whether you may be eligible.

⃰ Please note that this credit is not available in all states and the credit amount varies based on several factors.

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