How can I help you process my damage claim quickly?

The first step to getting your vehicle back on the road is to estimate the damage to your vehicle. The fastest, most efficient way to do this is via a photo appraisal. Simply send us some photos of your vehicle via text or email. Once we have received them, one of our licensed appraisers will review the photos and prepare an initial repair estimate, typically within one business day of receipt.

If you are unable to submit photos yourself, we can send someone to photograph the damages for you.

If you have already obtained a repair estimate from a body shop, we can work with your shop directly to come to an agreed estimate.

Sometimes an in-person inspection is required, either due to state guidelines or the nature of the damage to your vehicle. In this case your adjuster will assign a licensed appraiser to schedule an inspection.

The initial estimate will be for the visible damage to your vehicle. Once your vehicle is in the body shop for repairs, should additional damage be found, we will work with your shop to address them.

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