2017 Gold award for customer service


Exceptional Claim Service

There are a lot of reasons our trophy shelf is full of service awards. But it all comes down to putting our customers first.



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Just how good is our claim service?

99% of our customers who responded to a survey said they would renew their coverage based on their claim experience alone.1

Award-winning claim service2


Customer feedback is importantCustomer survey responses matter!

Our adjusters are motivated to treat you well: customer satisfaction survey results count towards recognition awards.


We check on customers in disaster areas - sometimes even before they file a claimProactive well-being checks

Do you live in a hurricane, tornado, or other catastrophe-prone area? After a major event, we proactively check on customers – often before they file a claim.


Our drone inspections save additional wear and tear on damaged roofsDrone inspections for damaged roofs

Our drones allow aerial inspection of damaged property – no risk of further damage to your roof or eves caused by a ladder or adjusters walking on your roof if we must inspect it.


Customer-focused excellence is standard3


Our claim service is so good that we guarantee it. Make a claim for damage to your vehicle and get the prompt, courteous service you deserve, or we’ll send you $100.Signature Claim Service Guarantee™ 

Make a claim for damage to your vehicle and get the prompt, courteous service you deserve or we’ll send you $100.


Totaling your vehicle is a major hassle - our program makes it easierTotal Care for Totaled Vehicles

Get a fast check for your totaled vehicle and extra time added to your rental coverage to give you time to shop for a replacement vehicle.


Repair shops are authorized to use parts made by the vehicle's original manufacturer for a better fit.Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

We authorize your repair shop to use OEM parts for vehicles under two years of age or with fewer than 24,000 miles on the odometer.


99 percent of our surveyed claimants would renew based on their exceptional claim service experience

99% of our surveyed customer claimants would renew their policy.3

Our adjusters make well-being calls on customers in catastrophe-struck areas.

Proactive well-being checks

“I am in an area…that was heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma. While most of my friends were waiting to hear back from their insurance company after having called in a claim, the Electric Insurance Company Catastrophe Response Team was out knocking on doors. I had not yet even called in a claim when they came to my door to see how they could help. I could not be more impressed by your service, and I may be more difficult to impress than most, as I am a licensed insurance agent. Many thanks to the entire team at Electric Insurance.” – L.T. Booth

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1. Based on a 2021 Electric Insurance Company customer claims survey, where 99% of respondents stated they would renew their policy based on their claim service alone.
2. American Business AwardsSM
3. Terms and conditions apply.