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Save with your GE Employee Insurance Program

As a GE employee, you can save serious money on auto, home, condo, and renters insurance coverage exclusively through Electric Insurance Company.1

Electric Insurance: We’re as much a part of GE as you are.

GE created Electric Insurance in 1966 to provide GE employees with superior insurance at competitive rates. Today, we’re a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Capital US Holdings, Inc., with an unsurpassed reputation for service—especially when our customers need us the most. (The American Business AssociationSM has recognized our customer service and claims service with multiple Gold Stevie® awards.)

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So many ways to save with Electric Insurance on Auto Coverage…3


GE employees can save up to 15% off auto insurance.

Employee discount — save up to 15%.

GE employees who are new auto policy customers can save up to an additional 15% off our standard car insurance rates.

New customer discount — save 7%-15%.

Participate in the Great Driver program and get 10% off your auto premium. Get a good score over 100 days of driving and save up to 20% when your policy renews.

Great Driver™ program discount — Save 10% when you enroll and up to 20% when your policy renews.4

Save 10% off our standard auto rates when you insure an electric or hybrid car with us.

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle discount — save 10%.

Save up to $146 per policy term when you use the payroll deduction program. Get the convenience of automatic deductions to pay your premiums and up to 4% off your auto insurance and 2% off your home insurance.

Payroll Deduction Program discount —Save 4% per term plus approximately $55 in annual service fees.

Insure both your auto and home with us and save up to 15% off your auto coverage and up to 25% off your home coverage.

Bundled Coverage discount — Save up to 15% off auto coverage.

Save up to 7% if your vehicle is up to three years old.

New/Newer Car discount — Save 3%-7%.

Discounts for safe drivers and more

PLUS Safe Driver, Anti-Theft, Safety Device, and MORE auto discounts.


PLUS exclusive Electric Insurance added-value auto benefits:5


Replacement cost coverage applies if your qualifying new vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered.

No-hassle new car replacement

We’ll pay to replace totaled or stolen/non-recovered new vehicles—without depreciation.

Repair shops are authorized to use parts made by the vehicle's original manufacturer for a better fit.

OEM Parts

We’ll authorize your repair shop to use brand-new, original manufacturer’s parts.

Totaling your vehicle is a major hassle - our program makes it easier

Total Care for Totaled Vehicles

If your vehicle is totaled or stolen/non-recovered, you’ll get fast, advanced payment plus more time on your covered rental car while you find a replacement.6

Satisfaction with your auto damage claim service or $100 back.

Signature Choice Claim Service Guarantee™

We’ll send you $100 if you make a claim for physical damage to your vehicle and you don’t feel we treated you with the care, respect, and courtesy you deserve.

Add up your savings on Electric Insurance Home, Condo, or Renters coverage3



Save on home insurance with your employee discounts

Employee discount – Save up to 10%.

New customers get an additional discount

New Customer discount — Save up to 10%.

The payroll deduction program saves employees and up to $145 per policy term.

Payroll Deduction Program discount — Save 2% per term plus approximately $55 in annual service fees.

Employees who get both their car and home insurance through the program get additional discounts

Bundled Coverage discount — Save up to 25% off home coverage.1


PLUS optional Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage:7 If the cost of rebuilding your home exceeds your policy’s limit, then we’ll cover the difference.

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Protect your assets with the Electric Insurance PEL benefit.

If you’re sued beyond the coverage of your auto or home insurance, the Personal Excess Liability (PEL) benefit pays the difference between your policy limits and any judgement or settlement against you. You’ll be glad to have PEL if your actions accidentally result in:8

  • property damage to another’s belongings

  • bodily injury to other people

  • "personal injury” (such as libel or slander)


Is PEL worth it?

Since 2000, Electric Insurance has paid more than $81 million through the PEL insurance benefit to protect the assets of GE employees. And PEL costs less than an umbrella policy purchased outside the program, which will provide you with truly affordable peace of mind.


Personal Excess Liability benefit for GE employeesUse the PEL Estimator Tool to get a free coverage estimate in seconds.


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3. Product, service, program, credit, and discount availability and limits vary by state.
4. Great Driver program auto policies are currently available in AZ, CT, IL, KY, MN, MO, NJ, OH, SC, TX, and WI. Participation is optional. Eligibility, qualifications, and availability may be modified or changed at any time.
5. Terms and conditions apply.
6. Extended rental time is extended to policyholders whose policy includes Alternate Transportation coverage
7. The availability and terms of programs, services, credits and, discounts vary by state. Qualifications and eligibility rules apply. Subject to terms and conditions. Exclusions apply.
8. If there are discrepancies between the information on this page and your policy, the terms of the policy apply. Actual coverage in the event of a loss will apply as provided by the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.