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Discover coverage “gaps & gotchas”

Use these free, fun, and fast Risk Coach™ tools to help you spot the most common coverage gaps and little-known coverage provisions that can leave you underinsured.

Car Insurance Tips

Risk Coach Videos: Key Car Coverage Gaps & Gotchas

Accidents, hail, theft, vandalism and more - would you be covered?


Watch Auto Risk Coach Videos

Risk Coach Videos: Key Home Coverage Gaps & Gotchas

Burglary, fires, parties and more - how well are you covered if things go wrong?


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Homeowners Insurance


Flood Insurance Facts Infographic

What to Know About Flooding

There’s more - and less - to flood coverage than you think. See if you know these major coverage gaps and gotchas.

Personal Property Facts Infographic

Avoid This Major Coverage Gap

Do you know how to avoid having your personal property claim paid on a depreciated basis?

Homeowners Policy Clause Infographic

Dodge the Biggest Policy “Gotcha”

There’s a co-insurance requirement clause in your homeowner policy. Do you know what it does?

Risk Coach Information Resources

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What to know and do

Safety & How-To

3 Things You Can Do About the #1 Cause of Teen Accidents

6 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

8 Causes of Summer Car Accidents

8 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

10 Tips to Avoid Auto Accidents

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

Backup Cameras: What You Should Know

Be Road Trip Ready

Best Vehicles for Teens

Boating Safety 101

Boycott Blackout Wednesday & Dump Danksgiving

Buyer Beware: Flood Vehicle Fraud on the Rise

Candle Safety

Chimney Safety Tips

Contractor Fraud

Christmas Tree Holiday Safety

De-Ice Your Windshield The Easy Way

DIY Renovation Tips

Driving Safety Tips

Drowsy Driving

Find the Right Contractor for Your Project

Fireplace, Woodstove, and Chimney Safety

Fireworks Safety

Flood Preparation & Safety Tips

Four Tips to Make a Home Insurance Claim go Smoothly

Five Ways to Remember Your Child is in the Car

Get Ahead of Appliance Leaks

Grilling Safety Tips

Halloween Hazards

Holiday Fire Hazards

Holiday Kitchen Hazards

Holiday Lights

Home Electrical Upgrades That Make an Impact

Holiday Travel Plans? Safeguard Your Home While You're Away

Home Electrical Upgrades That Make an Impact

Home Maintenance Tips & Tools

Home Safety Tips

How to Avoid Passport-Related ID Theft...and what to do if it happens

How to Conduct a Home Inventory

How to Close Your Summer House for the Season

How to Create a Budget for Home Maintenance

How to Deal with Road Rage

How to Drive Safely on Snow and Ice

How to Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season

How to Make Your Home Secure

How to Protect Your Car from Being Stolen

How to Safely Use Space Heaters This Winter

How to Find a Good Mechanic

How to Thwart Porch Pirates

How to Winterize Your Pool

Jump-Starting Safety Tips

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Tips

Motion Detectors: Added Safety for Your Home

Outdoor Fire Safety

Plan Your Holiday Driving Defense

Pool Safety Saves Lives

Practicing Safe Electrical Habits In Your Home

Preparing For the Open Road

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Prevent Roof Leaks and Costly Repairs

Preventing Wildlife Damage to Your Home

Protecting Your Home While You Are On Vacation

Protect Yourself from Holiday Thieves

Reduce the Dangers of Driving in the Dark

Safe Disposal of Ashes

Safe Driving on Flooded Roads

Safe Driving Around Motorcycles

Safe Driving Around School Buses and in School Zones

Safe Driving Tips

Safe Travels with Rover

Safety Tips for Driving Around Bicyclists

Save Money with 5 Fall Cleaning Tips

Six Tips for Making Your Car Last Longer

Spontaneous Combustion Hazards

Smart Ways to Shop this Holiday Season

Spring is here so are the Potholes

Spring Car Care

Stop Smash and Grabs from Your Vehicle

So You Think You Have an Ice Dam

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Take Action On These Top Five Causes of House Fires

Teen Driving Considerations for Parents

Three Things to Know About Insuring Your Jewelry

Tips for Cleaning Gutters

Tips for Making Your Home Safe

Tips for Managing Teen Driver Insurance Costs

Tips for Shopping Safely Online

How to Buy a Used Car

When a Tree Collapses due to Snow and Ice

When Choosing Outdoor Products, Don't Forget the Pets

Winter Driving: What To Do If Your Car Skids

Winterizing Your Home

Your Sewer Pipe Failed. Now What?


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